Feline Diabetes

Hello all!~

So things have been quite busy here at Taylor Brook Animal Hospital. There have been lots of new canine and feline friends coming in, as well as our old friends for wellness exams or some not feeling well.  Everyone here at Taylor Brook is amazing and not only do they do their know their stuff medically; they really care about everyone that comes through the front door.

Anyway, I digress, because things have been so busy here I have been feeling a little neglected lately.  Certainly I am not neglected, I am fed daily, have clean water and my litter box cleaned daily, and even though I might not admit it, I get a lot of attention not only from everyone at Taylor Brook but also from all our wonderful clients.  But since I just wanted to keep everyone on their toes, I thought I might do a little experiment.  I started drinking more water!  There are 2 water bowls here at the office, 1 upstairs where I usually hang out and then 1 downstairs that Spencer and Charlie; those pesky dr dogs usually drink out of.  I made sure to drink a good amount upstairs, but I also started going downstairs and drinking.  After about 2 days of this the staff at TBAH went to Dr. Binette and said “Latte seems to be drinking more water than usual”.  Dr. Binette, knowing his stuff, quickly ordered some blood tests.  “Latte is a little older, he is a little overweight, and we certainly want to make sure he doesn’t have diabetes or kidney disease.”

Just like in humans, diabetes is a common health concern in cats that are a little overweight.  Kidney disease is the most common disease that affects older cats.  What is challenging is that with both of these diseases sometimes the symptoms can be very subtle, especially early.  Sometimes the only thing owners may notice is a slight increase in drinking.  Luckily for me, my blood work was normal and at this time I don’t have any health concerns.  But for many cats disease conditions can go on for months without anyone noticing.

We cats are the forgotten veterinary patient.  Most people bring their dogs to the vets every year because they are cute and wag their tail and they love to go for rides and it is easy, you just hook on the leash and off you go.  Cats are a little more labor intensive, no we don’t really like the carrier and no we really don’t like the car ride, and absolutely we don’t want to socialize with animals and people we don’t know.  But it is extremely important for us to go to the vets at least every 12 months, every 6 months is even better.  The sad reality is that most of the time, when we are sick, we have been sick for a while, we just didn’t feel like sharing it with you.  So the bottom line is take your cat to the vet NOW!!! Don’t you want us around for a long time?  I certainly hope so. I know my caretakers here at Taylor Brook, sometimes I refer to them as my serfs, and they do want me here for a few more years!

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