In which Latte does a cat house call…

I bet no one has told you, but the vets that work here make house calls. This means that they can come to your house for your wellness check up, a nail trim or whatever you need. Some cats are not as brave as I am and they are afraid when they get stuffed in that little box to come over here. Soooooooo the staff has it all worked out. Usually one of the technicians accompanies the doc. They have this cool house call bag that has just about anything they need for your wellness check up. I was really just kidding about the ‘scaredy’ cats.

Cats are very susceptible to the effects of stress and in case you didn’t know this already, cats are fragile. Coming to your house, if you are a cat, is a very good alternative to the car ride. So tell your people that we can do this for you.
Oh, yes- we make dog house calls to.
It’s just that I am a cat.
purrrr~ Latte.