In which Latte says ‘Hello’ to the internet…

My name is Latte. 

I am the resident mascot and cat extraordinaire here at Taylor Brook Animal Hospital. There is another cat here named Lily, but quite frankly she is way too shy to be writing a blog. We hardly ever see her. So, being Mr. Awesome that I am, I volunteered for the task.

You probably should know a little about who I am and how I got here. Well, I was living outside on my own for a long time. I don’t know how long really.   A wonderful family adopted me and fed me, but found they could not keep me.  So they brought me to Taylor Brook to see the doctors; I was pretty thin at the time.  As it turns out I am a healthy cat, just thin from being on my own and a little older.  The doctors and my adopted family thought it would be better if I could live inside,  in a real home.  So TBAH took me in to try to find me a home.  Well as time passed and the staff got to know my real nature they naturally fell in love with me and they all wanted me to stay. Now I am a quite substantial cat.

I like ties, but I only have one.  My favorite past time is eating. 

Don’t tell anyone but I hate it when they put that Patriots shirt on me. I can hardly move my arms.  The staff thinks this is funny, but it is quite humiliating. 

As Taylor Brook Animal Hospital’s resident cat, I have the inside scoop on all things veterinary and am at your service to answer all of your questions. Email me sometime!