Sometimes you just need a better look


Taylor brook animal Hospital has radiology as a diagnostic tool to aid us in providing care for your pet.

Radiology (or “x-ray”) is a great diagnostic tool used to image soft-tissue structures, the internal organs, and bones.

Radiology has come a long way in veterinary medicine over the past few years, and Taylor Brook animal Hospital is happy to offer state-of-the-art digital radiology.

The benefits of our digital radiology system include:

  • Increased resolution and image manipulation abilities, which means fewer tries to get the best image.
  • Decreased risk of exposure to your pet and our staff.
  • Decreased time required to complete radiographs (and less sedation for pets/images that require it).
  • High-quality images that may be instantly emailed to local specialists when indicated, and placed on a CD for your convenience
  • Faster turn-around time allowing us to more quickly diagnose problems and begin the treatment process.
  • Environmental safety: no more film or dangerous chemicals for processing.

Many times digital radiographs (X-rays) of your pet are recommended for best evaluation of your pet’s problem.