Where Latte finds out, Where is Dr. Sanders?

I was walking around meowing, nothing new for me, talking to my peeps and noticing the trusty leader of this ship has gone missing. Vacation again? I thought??!! But then… I found out! She’s in sunny Orlando Florida at some big National Veterinary Conference called the NAVC. She’s getting re-inspired with her peers and bringing back oodles of knowledge to share with the rest of the staff and continue this practice on a great 2016!

She even sent some pictures I can share with you, along with did you know questions!

NAVC Welcome Hall

Lots of new information and educational classes for all the folks that work every day in this industry keeping us furry folk happy and healthy.

What Moves you?

What is leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis (lepto for short) is a serious bacterial disease of dogs, multiple animal species, and humans that occurs in countries around the world. In recent years, leptospirosis has become an increasing concern of pet owners and veterinarians in the United States, especially in cities and suburbs. The primary reason is growing populations of wildlife, like raccoons and skunks, which carry disease and infect dogs indirectly. Dogs can get sick even if they never come into direct contact with infected animals.
Lepto has been diagnosed in all types of dogs. All breeds and sizes of dogs are at risk. Lepto can be a very serious disease and can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated early. It generally attacks a dog’s liver and kidneys and can lead to organ damage or failure. However, if lepto is caught early, it responds well to antibiotics. Preventative measures, such as vaccinations, are available to pet owners as well.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Something very important to Dr. Sanders’. (Please see last post about Charlie).

We recommend testing for the 3 tick borne diseases in our area every year with the 4dx test. The earlier we diagnose it, the more we vaccinate for it, and the more we use tick preventative medications – the more chances we will have to lessen the risk our animals (and ourselves) are for getting and having to suffer from Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases.


All this and more! Here is Dr. Sanders and her colleagues soaking up the sun and learning. Stay tuned as I might get more information today and tomorrow as she ends her adventures.

 Orlando, FloridaShe told the staff she is sending warm sunshine back to us at home.

I may need to speak directly to her about this, as I don’t think she is sending enough. But I’ve got my pillow, I’m doing alright.