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As many of you already know February is National Pet Dental Month. Taylor Brook Animal Hospital celebrates dental month every month. The doctors and technicians feel very strongly about dental care and want to make sure all the patients we see have the best dental care available.

When I first decided to live here the doctors gave me a thorough going over and noticed that I had some tarter build up on my back teeth. They picked a day for my dental and got right down to business. That was my first dental. I’d like to tell you about that experience as well as share some interesting photographs of my most recent dental that happened on Wednesday!

pre surgery bloodwork

Technician Courtney holds me for my pre-anesthetic blood work.


I can tell you this, I’m NOT the best patient. I enjoy visitors, but I am not a happy camper when my technicians need to do stuff like poking and examining and giving me medicine. But as a representative of Dental Health Month, it was certainly my turn to show all my followers what a dental is really all about.



Dr. Binette and Technician Dawn give me a full exam before my dental.


The night before my food was removed from my studio apartment. The next morning I had some blood work done to make sure all my organs were working well. The doctor gave me a good exam and we got started.



Latte Dental IV 2-15

My IV cathider placement for my fluid therapy while I’m under anesthesia.


I was given a sedative to relax me and then I had an IV catheter placed in my leg so I could get fluids during the dental. I was on isoflurane gas with oxygen.





Intubated and being monitored as my dental begins.


The technician hooked me up to our anesthesia monitor. It measures my heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, oxygen level and temperature.




First thing done is a photo of my teeth before then I had a picture after to compare.


Latte Dental before 2-15

The ultrasonic cleaner is used to knock off all the tarter above and below the gums. Once the tarter is removed they can now see if there are any problems with my teeth. Luckily my teeth are perfect underneath. There are times when defects are found which could lead to cavities or nerve  and root exposure. If these are found the doctor has to then decide if the tooth can be saved or it needs to be removed. I can tell you they really don’ t like pulling teeth if they can help it but sometimes it’s the best option. After the teeth are cleaned they get polished with the same stuff a human dentist uses (and it’s tutti fruiti flavored, yuck!). My mouth was rinsed, the after photo taken, and I was taken off the gas anesthetic.



Latte Dental after 2-15

Next thing I knew my technician was with me waking me up and telling me what  good job I had done.

Latte Dental recovery 2-15








Our dental awareness presentation will be at the Auburn Public Library Tuesday the 24th at 6pm. If you want to learn more about my dental there will be a presentation and video of yours truly!!

Have questions? email me: latte@taylorbrookanimalhospital.com

Purr Latte…