Where Latte has no time for Fleas & Ticks… “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!”

Hello all,

Latte here, cat extraordinaire and knower of most things veterinary.  Spring is trying its best to spring and you all know what that means:  warmer days, greener grass, bluer skies, birds chirping and bugs!  I am not, however, talking about buzzing bees, crawling beetles or webbing spiders, I am talking about those tiny little pests who think we cats and dogs are a free lunch – fleas and ticks.  Yes, with warmer weather those tiny little parasites will be out, and looking to snack on your furry family members.  I am lucky here at Taylor Brook Animal Hospital because my humans are very diligent about applying the best flea and tick preventative every 30 days.  I don’t usually go outside (unless I escape) but none the less we have so many cats and dogs visiting us on a daily basis you never want to take chances.

As you may or may not know fleas and ticks can cause many problems.  One single flea can cause serious skin irritation, hair loss, infection, and significant discomfort to us which can cost you a good deal of money to resolve.  Not to mention that it takes 4 MONTHS to break the flea life cycle and clear your house of them.  One flea on a pet can equal thousands of flea eggs in your house.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!” 

Then there are ticks.  Those little pests can carry many diseases, Lyme being the most important.  At Taylor Brook Animal Hospital we literally treat hundreds of cases of Lyme Disease each year.  So far it is only dogs (and horses and people) that are affected by Lyme but there have been a few rare cases in cats.  The other thing many people don’t realize is that fleas and ticks do not die off in the winter.  Both the adult and nymph stage of ticks, and the pupae stage of fleas can survive all winter long (even buried under ice and snow).  Those stages will emerge if the temp gets above freezing even for just a few days.

The best thing for you to do is keep your cats and dogs on a good monthly flea/tick preventative.  At Taylor Brook Animal Hospital we have some of the best products on the market and our staff can talk to you about which one is right for your pet.  Don’t be fooled by the less expensive over the counter or internet products.  Many of those are of much inferior quality and don’t work as well.

Not to mention that many of them are obtained through very questionable channels (the products are expired, may not have been stored or shipped properly, or worse aren’t even the product that the box says it is).

Come on in so my humans can get the right product for your pet that will keep them flea and tick free year round!

~Purr Latte

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