Where Latte is a recipient of a very special gift…

So what is this Angel Fund all about~

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, I was a stray cat, an old stray cat living outside on my own.  That is the definition of stay cat.  Ok where was I?  Oh ya, I wanted to talk about the emergency fund we have at Taylor Brook Animal Hospital. This is a fund that was set up for our clients who have fallen on hard times and need some financial assistance.  The fund is generated solely by contributions from generous clients, quilt raffles, bottle drives, pet expo thingy’s, (I have had to go to them with my caregivers), and other crafty stuff.  Long story short, when I came here and needed a home the angel fund helped to support me.  We offer assistance to clients in need that have an emergency, in most cases. I think there are criteria that have to be met, same as any charity I am told, but I don’t know what they are.

~Purr Latte

Angel Fund is currently hosting a raffle on our precious quilts donated by our client. So far we have raised $94! We also did a small employee bottle drive and raised an additional $14!

Quilt raffle is $1 a chance, and $5 for 6 chances. Quilts are a cat and dog  – drawing is June 1st.