Where Latte is looking at his innards…

It’s here. It’s finally here!! Digital X-Ray folks; that’s what I’m talking about. For the past few months, all I have heard from the girls is “when is it coming”? So I’m happy to announce it has been installed and ready to show off your critters’ innards.

As a practice run I graciously volunteered (not) to show off my lovely insides, (there in the photo).

latte talks digital


The digital X-Ray has high resolution exposure that shows every nook and cranny of your pets’ insides.

And the time to take the X-Rays has decreased from a few minutes to a few seconds. So I can see why the girls were so excited to get digital X-Ray installed.

Rest assured these servants of mine are staying up on education and state of the art technology to maximize the right diagnosis if your loved one needs it. I might not like having my x-ray taken, but I’m purrrfectly comfortable knowing they know how to take care of me if I did get sick.

Purrr ~Latte