Where Latte sees “outback”…

Hey it’s Latte
We had the Sun Journal here the other day, maybe you saw the write up in the City section of the paper. The journalist was interested as to why I write.

Of particular interest to almost everyone who ever brings a pet to the vet is the mysterious ” outback”. As in “they took my cat outback…” outback. I live outback. I watch everything that goes on outback. The outback is not a worrisome place for me. What I know about my doctors though, is that they hardly ever bring the other cats out back. They don’t ever say why. Maybe I am just not listening.

Anyway here are 10 things that happen every day, ” out back”.

  1. The staff drinks coffee and talks about their latest weight loss challenge, a lot!
  2. The doctors write up their records because they think it is rude to do it in the exam room, like doctors for humans. If they do it I would hope they are apologetic.
    Supervising is what I do best.

    Supervising is what I do best.

  3. The staff is always shushing me off things that are suppose to be kept clean.
  4. They listen to music and some times it’s rather jarring. Thank goodness no one dances!
  5. The technicians set up this smelly stuff in these green containers where they sit for me to smell for 15 minutes and then they examine the stuff under the microscope. They do a similar things with a yellow liquid that comes in all kinds of containers from jars to plastic baggies. There is always a lot of hooting if they have to save the container.
    This is where the smelly stuff is set and looked at.

    This is where the smelly stuff is set and looked at.

  6. They clean, everything, all the time.
  7. Sometimes they make the other cats lie on one of my tables and I hear this machine running that sounds like an airplane going off. Next thing I know the doctor and tech take the cat into the room that I am banished from to remove something from the cats insides. This happens with dogs too. I forget about them sometimes. They come out of that room with stones, cloth, rubber bands to
    name a few. The cats don’t seem to mind as I don’t here them meowing much.
  8. We have meetings, where everyone eats and I try to take their food because of course I probably have already eaten mine.
  9. Everyone laughs, a lot!
  10. I get fed and am provided with many warm places to sleep.
    My sleeping station.

    My sleeping station.

I am thankful that I was given a second chance at a good life and that’s what I
have, “out back”!

Purr Latte~